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Why Use a Mortgage Broker

Why deal with a mortgage broker?

  • We work for you, not the lender!
    When you deal directly with a bank or a financial institution, whose interests do you think they’re looking out for? When you deal with a Mortgage Specialist from The Mortgage Centre – Island Properties, we have only one interest in mind, YOURS!
  • Our mortgage professionals will save you money!
    Not all lenders offer the same products, rates, and service. When you deal with a bank, you are limited to the products and rates they offer. When you deal with a Mortgage Specialist from The Mortgage Centre – Island Properties, we’ll help you choose the best product and rate from over thirty-five different lenders.

What does it cost to deal with a mortgage broker?
You get the services of a professional Mortgage Specialist and in most cases, our fee is paid by the lender, you pay nothing. Only under rare circumstances a mortgage broker may charge a fee if an application doesn’t fit standard lending criteria & therefore the lender will not pay the mortgage broker ie: private mortgage financing or commercial lending. 

Who is The Mortgage Centre – Island Properties?
We’re a locally-owned franchise of one of the countries’ largest mortgage broker organizations, Mortgage Centre Canada. Last year we helped thousands of people finance their homes & Mortgage Centre Canada has been in business for over 25 years!  Our mortgage specialists have many years of mortgage experience with backgrounds in senior management positions in various banks and credit unions.

Let our experience work for you and discover why more and more Canadians are turning to mortgage brokers for their financing needs.

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